Whole Foods recently unveiled its 10 anticipated food trends for 2022 in the retailer’s seventh - annual trend predictions. Each year it predicts which food and drink products are about to take the culinary world by storm. This year, one of the trend predictions was for Yuzu, which according to Whole Foods, it’s about to become very popular. If you haven’t heard of Yuzu before, here’s what you need to know:

What is it?

It’s a funny looking citrus fruit, also known as yuja. It originated in China over 1000 years ago but is now cultivated in Japan, Korea along with China. It’s the same size as a tangerine and has a relatively thick yellow skin which is more aromatic and much more sour than other citrus fruits. It’s popular in East Asian cuisine and its juice and peel are used as flavour in many different dishes. 

What does it taste like?

It is incredibly fragrant but also sour and tart. It’s not a fruit which can be eaten raw and is instead used to flavour different dishes.

Are there any benefits?

Yes! It is highly nutritious and contains powerful antioxidants like Vitamin C.

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How can I consume it?

At Galerie du Thé we sell an ingenious Japanese tea made from the stalks and stems of the tea leaves, then it is enriched with dried yuzu and a little matcha powder. The tea is a wonderful combination of toasted nori-like aromas with subtle hints of tangy citrus. This tea is made in Kyūshū which is the most southwesterly of Japan's main islands. With its southern volcanic peaks, lush plains and pristine Pacific coastline, it's a stunning region – one that produces some of Japan's most sought-after food and drink. In the south of Kyūshū lies Kagoshima prefecture, centred around a deep bay and the active volcano Sakurajima. This area is renowned for the quality of its organically-grown green teas, which thrive in the warmth, humidity and mineral-rich soils. Kagoshima is also famed for its high quality produce, particularly its seedless citrus fruits (the town of Satsuma is found here).

Where can I buy it?

If you would like to enjoy the delights of our Yuzu tea, you can shop here

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