Capturing Tea's Essence

The Fresher The Tea, The Purer The Taste 1

Taste The Tea Garden

There are many factors to delivering truly great tea. It's not just where the leaves grow, it's how they're tended, harvested and, of course, transformed into tea. But one of the most important factors – one that's often overlooked – is the freshness of the tea itself.

Luxury-grade artisan tea offers many blissful flavours and aromas, but these subtleties fade once oxygen comes into contact with the leaves. At Galerie du Thé, we do everything we can to preserve our tea’s freshness and capture the essence of the garden that produced it, to achieve our 'Day 1 Freshness' policy.

Quality, Controlled 2

Quality, Controlled

We start by only curating tea in small quantities, avoiding the need to store it for long and risk it losing its fine character. Secondly, the artisans we work with only produce tea in small batches, letting us focus on the seasonality of each harvest and keep our range fresh.

We work closely with each of our tea makers and, in the majority of cases, have our tea vacuum sealed as soon as it's dried - capturing all of the nuances of flavour. Once the tea reaches our packaging house it's kept in our state-of-the-art climate controlled room.

Sealed-in freshness 3

Sealed-In Freshness

When it comes to shipping to our customers, we go to great lengths to deliver perfection. Our extra strong three-ply packaging keeps your tea in pristine condition by repelling any moisture. For added protection, we use superior nitrogen flushing to create an inert atmosphere inside the pack that seals in the tea's freshness until it reaches your cup.

We do all this to bring you the finest teas in the very best condition. At Galerie du Thé we believe nothing should come between you and the joys of drinking fine tea – tea as fresh as the day it was made, with all its elegance, complexity and joyful luxury preserved.

Discover your new favourite tea.

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Discover your new favourite tea.