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Golden River Black Tea
Golden River
Golden River
Golden River
Golden River Black Tea
Golden River Black Tea
Golden River Black Tea
What gorgeous packaging and beautiful branding. Tea quality is super and the taste is also very fresh.

Golden River

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second-flush Assam from the Brahmaputra Valley

This superior second-flush Assam comes from the excellent Bukhial estate. Harvested in late May from their finest gardens, it's a delightfully full-bodied tea bursting with rich biscuit, malt and prune flavours.

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Black Tea


Second flush

Taste Profile

Freshly baked biscuits,
sweet malt and prunes


Assam, India

Food Pairing

Rich fruit cake, gingerbread,
scrambled eggs

Picked by hand

Multi award winning

Obal 2021 award x 2
World Packaging awards 2021

Golden River, Assam

Golden River is a very special tea for us, not just because it delivers quintessential Assam character, but because it celebrates our long relationship with the Bukhail estate. From the earliest days of Ahmad Tea we've worked with the estate, and while we continue to taste from across Assam, it is Bukhail's teas that consistently catch our attention. This exclusive Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe is one of their finest.

Lying in the far northeast of India, Assam is virtually cut off from the rest of the country by northwestern Bangladesh. A lush tropical valley formed by the mighty Brahmaputra river, which winds down from the Himalayas in a vast golden braid, this special region is where the large leaf Camellia sinensis var. assamica tea plant originated.

The region's teas are picked across four seasons between March and December. We selected this prime second-flush tea – harvested in late May – for its balance of freshness and malty richness. The leaves were plucked from a garden that enjoys high levels of humidity, but lower levels of rain than many Assam estates. You'll see golden tips among the leaves, which give this tea its fruitiness and sweet biscuity notes.


    Well curled young leaves with golden tips
  • AROMA:

    Rich malt, molasses and sweet forest notes

    Brownish-red with coppery hints
  • TASTE:

    Dark malt, fresh-basked biscuits and prunes.



  • 2 TPS

  • 100ºC

  • 3-5 MINS


This is our recommended brewing guide, but by all means adjust to your own taste.

  1. Warm your teapot and cups with boiling water.
  2. Discard the water and add two level teaspoons of tea to your pot.
  3. Add 250ml / 9oz water (i.e. one teacup or small mug) at 100°C / 212°F.
  4. Place the lid on the pot and steep for three-to-five minutes. Stir, then strain the tea into your cup.
  5. Serve with a splash of milk, if desired.
Makes one cup. For more, add an extra teaspoon per person and multiply the amount of water accordingly.
Always use freshly-drawn and, where possible, filtered water.