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Yuzu Kukicha Green Tea
Yuzu Kukicha
Yuzu Kukicha
Yuzu Kukicha
Yuzu Kukicha Green Tea
Yuzu Kukicha Green Tea
Yuzu Kukicha Green Tea

Yuzu Kukicha

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An ingenious Japanese green tea

Made from the stalks and stems of tea leaves, this tea is enriched with dried yuzu fruit and a little matcha powder. We love its toasted nori-like aromas, umami artichoke flavours and subtle hints of tangy citrus.


Green Tea


Seasonal harvest

Taste Profile

Toasted nori, buttered artichoke
hearts, grapefruit


Kyūshū, Japan

Food Pairing

Roast chicken, tempura vegetables,

Multi award winning

Obal 2021 award x 2
World Packaging awards 2021

Yuzu Kukicha, Japan

Also known as Bōcha, Kukicha is a true testament to the quality of Japanese tea. It's also a perfect example of Japanese efficiency and sustainability. After the tea leaves are harvested by the growers, they are taken to be roasted and blended by tea masters, aka 'Chashi'. It was the Chashi who realised that the leftover leaf stems and stalks were still full of flavour, and made a beautiful tea in their own right. We selected this delicious Kukicha which has tangy pieces of dried yuzu fruit and a sprinkling of matcha powder added to it. Rich in relaxing theanine, this is delightfully unique and soothing tea.

Kyūshū is the most southwesterly of Japan's main islands. With its southern volcanic peaks, lush plains and pristine Pacific coastline, it's a stunning region – one that produces some of Japan's most sought-after food and drink. In the south of Kyūshū lies Kagoshima prefecture, centred around a deep bay and the active volcano Sakurajima. This area is renowned for the quality of its organically-grown green teas, which thrive in the warmth, humidity and mineral-rich soils. Kagoshima is also famed for its high quality produce, particularly its seedless citrus fruits (the town of Satsuma is found here).


    Powdery olive-green matchsticks with fruit pieces
  • AROMA:

    Toasted nori, sweet summer grass

    Slightly cloudy jade-green
  • TASTE:

    Artichoke hearts dipped in butter, grapefruit pith



  • 2 TSP

  • 80ºC

  • 3 MINS


This is our recommended brewing guide, but by all means adjust to your own taste.

  1. Warm your teapot and cups with boiling water.
  2. Discard the water and add two level teaspoons of tea to your pot.
  3. Add 250ml / 9oz water (i.e. one teacup or small mug) at 80°C / 176°F. If you don't have a thermometer, let the boiled kettle sit for six minutes.
  4. Place the lid on the pot and steep for three minutes. Stir, then strain the tea into your cup.
  5. We don't recommend re-steeping this tea.
Makes one cup. For more, add an extra teaspoon per person and multiply the amount of water accordingly.
Always use freshly-drawn and, where possible, filtered water.

Customer Reviews

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Praveen P
Uplifting and interesting

Definiely an uplifting tea, and an interesting mix of flavour notes that come through.