Day 1 Freshness policy

What is 'Day 1 Freshness'?

Our Day 1 Freshness policy is centred on the commitment that when you taste any of our teas, it should be as fresh as the day it was created, showcasing the elegance and delicious flavours of luxury artisan tea.

Why is Day 1 Freshness so important?

We source the most delicious luxury artisan teas from the world's rarest small batch tea gardens, often reserved for Royalty. The essence of these unique luxury teas naturally comes from the special flavour they hold, and so preserving this flavour as garden fresh as possible is foundational for us. We want tea lovers to experience the delicious taste of luxury teas the way they were always meant to be enjoyed. Garden fresh, flavourful, honest.


How do we achieve this?

All the teas are delicately hand picked using a mix of traditional centuries old methods as well as sophisticated AI scanning, ensuring the quality of the tea leaves are consistent throughout every batch. After this process, the teas are nitrogen flushed and vacuum packed at source to ensure the garden freshness is preserved. In addition, each order is packed on the day using extra strong three-ply packaging to keep the tea in pristine condition by repelling any moisture.