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Explore our multi award winning collection of delicious luxury teas the way they were always meant to be enjoyed. Garden fresh, flavourful, honest. Our mission is to deliver tea so fresh, it captures the very essence of the garden where it grew, with our 'Day 1 freshness' policy. From the garden to your cup, we make sure our tea reaches you as fresh as the day it was made.

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Press & Awards

What top chefs are saying about Galerie du Thé

What gorgeous packaging and beautiful branding. Tea quality is super and the taste is also very fresh.

Chef Santosh Shah

The tea was both delicious and pure, like sipping silver and white cherry blossom in a metaphorical sort of way.

Chef Valentine Warner

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Tung Ting Oolong

A first flush oolong from Taiwan

A well balanced spring oolong from Taiwan's Dong Ding mountain. With its candied fruit, sweet floral notes and refreshing minerality, this delightful tea leaves us feeling calm, yet energised and focused.


“I really loved the Oolong tea, it was light and calming to drink. I want to drink it every day!”

- Ruby, on our Tung Ting tea
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Explorer Pack

Our explorer packs offer the perfect way to try out a selection of our fresh teas in boxes of either 8, 12 or 16 samples.


“I bought this for my Mum to cheer her up and it is such a lovely gift. Firstly the explorer pack comes in a beautifully designed and stylish box. Secondly the selection of teas is great and it's a fun way to try out lots of different teas without having to buy LOTS of different caddies. My Mum loved the gift and enjoyed telling me her thoughts on each of the teas. Thank you Galerie du Thé..”

- Esther Thompson, on our Explorer Pack
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Golden River

A second-flush Assam from the Brahmaputra Valley

This superior second-flush Assam comes from the excellent Bukhial estate. Harvested in late May from their finest gardens, it's a delightfully full-bodied tea bursting with rich biscuit, malt and prune flavours.


“What gorgeous packaging and beautiful branding. Tea quality is super and the taste is also very fresh.”

- Chef Santosh Shah , on our Golden River tea
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Emperor's Peak

Big Downy buds of white silver needle tea

A delightful white tea with captivating aromas of brioche, sweet hay and pine. We love this tea's creamy-soft golden liquor and soothing flavours of melon, cucumber and barley.


“Everything is well crafted, from the design of the packaging to the unique blend of leaves. These teas are simply stunning. I enjoyed many of them, however Emperor's Peak is a household favourite! 5 out of 5..”

- Sarah , on our Emperor's Peak tea
Buy Imperial Matcha tea

Imperial Matcha

A fine ceremonial-grade matcha organically grown in the hills above Kagoshima bay. Rounded and full-bodied, it makes a smooth, creamy tea with umami-rich notes of sweet summer grass, sugar snap peas and kelp.


“Just taking one whiff of this matcha from the tin gives me the tingles. This is an exceptional and energising matcha..”

- Tea Rebel, on our Imperial Matcha tea
Buy Kagoshima Genimatcha tea

Kagoshima Genmaicha

A delicate green tea with popcorn flavours

There are many versions of roasted rice tea, but this organic example from southwest Japan really impressed us. We love its balance of fruity, minerally green tea and toasted nut / buttered popcorn flavours.


“I just love this tea. I'm so pleased I found it. The packaging is beautiful. The smell when you open the packet is just divine and the tea is obviously wonderful. This has to be my favourite tea. Highly recommend it.”

- Helen, on our Kagoshima Genmaicha tea
Buy Darjeeling First Flush tea

Darjeeling First Flush

From the Mystical Kingdom In The Sky

A superbly balanced first flush FTGFOP1 Darjeeling from the organic Barnesbeg estate. Capturing all the quality of the garden's terroir, this orangey-gold tea offers enticing floral aromas, sweet fruity flavours and a fresh mineral edge.


Soul-awakening aroma. A great body strength with vibrant notes of fruit peel, muscatel followed by a deliciously sweet aftertaste.

- Reiss , on our Darjeeling tea
Buy Lover's Leap tea

Ceylon Lover's Leap

A beautiful Ceylon from Sri Lanka

An early season, high-grown Ceylon from Sri Lanka's most famous estate. Fresh as a spring garden after the rain, this crisp tea sings with orange zest, gingerbread and sweet hay subtleties.


"For years I have enjoyed green teas, my favourites being an oolong or sencha and I haven't dabbled much with high quality black teas until this one. My daughter recommended that I try this one and highly recommended it. I have to say that I'm a convert. It brews to a gorgeous crisp orange colour and creates a wonderful perfume. Taste wise is fresh, lively and delicious. Very enjoyable."

- John Brown, on our Ceylon Lover's Leap tea

For True Tea Lovers

At Galerie du Thé we bring all the hard work and distinctive craft of these artisans to true tea lovers, wherever you might be. We do everything we can to bring you exceptional teas as fresh as the day they were made, with the very essence of the tea garden captured in the leaves.
It gives us great pleasure to share these wonderfully life-affirming teas with you.

Uncovering The Tea Artisans

With Galerie du Thé we shine a light on the rare, handcrafted side of tea – bringing it to you with all its fresh, transportive character intact. These are growers who operate at a micro-scale – the epitome of skilled artisans – whose output represents just 1% of total tea production.
Galerie du Thé gives these producers a platform to share their teas with the world.

The Unsung Heroes Of Tea

In these tea gardens everything is done with the utmost care and attention – from the tending of the plants to the picking and processing of the leaves. The gardens are often remote with no road access, perched high on mountain slopes or hidden in deep forested valleys.

Galerie du Thé we bring all the hard work and distinctive craft of these artisans to true tea lovers