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Buy Jasmine Dragon Pearl
Jasmine Dragon Pearl
Jasmine Dragon Pearl
Jasmine Dragon Pearl
Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea
Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea
Jasmine Dragon Pearl Tea

Jasmine Dragon Pearl

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Our uplifting and fragrant first flush

A sweetly fragrant first-harvest tea from one of Mainland China's top jasmine masters. Soft and seductive, it balances floral jasmine perfume with the fruity notes of Fujian green tea, leaving you feeling soothed yet uplifted.


Jasmine Tea


First flush

Taste Profile

Soft and fruity with a sweetly
balanced perfume


Fujian & Guangxi, Mainland China

Food Pairing

Spicy chicken dishes, noodle soups,
creamy desserts

Picked by hand

Multi award winning

Obal 2021 award x 2
World Packaging awards 2021

Jasmine Dragon Pearl, Mainland China

Making traditional jasmine tea is a true labour of love. For fine quality teas such as this, the lengthy process has changed little over hundreds of years. Our Dragon Pearl begins as a single-estate green tea from Bailin village in Fuding, Fujian province. Known as Fuding Da Bai, this delicate tea is harvested in the early spring when the local bushes produce their finest, freshest leaves. The leaves are withered and hand-rolled before being gently dried. Each pea-sized pearl is a miniature work of art, its silvery bud skilfully wrapped around the rolled leaf. But this is just the first step…

In the late summer the dried tea is transported to Hengxian, Guangxi province, to an award-winning jasmine tea master with 34 years' experience. At this point the local Arabian jasmine plants are in full bloom and their flowers are at their fragrant best. Mr Huang mixes fresh jasmine buds through the tea. Then, as the humidity rises overnight, the buds open and infuse the pearls with their distinctive perfume. This is repeated over the next five nights, with the flowers sifted out and the tea re-dried each morning.


    Rolled balls of swirling deep green and silvery-beige
  • AROMA:

    Sweetly-subtle jasmine perfume, candied fruits

    Amber-gold with greenish hints
  • TASTE:

    Delicate mineral fruitiness and sweet floral notes



  • 1 TPS

  • 90ºC

  • 3-5 MINS


This is our recommended brewing guide, but by all means adjust to your own taste.

  1. Warm your teapot and cups with boiling water.
  2. Discard the water and add one level teaspoon of tea to your pot.
  3. Add 200ml / 7oz water (i.e. one teacup or small mug) at 90°C / 194°F. If you don't have a thermometer, let the boiled kettle sit for four minutes.
  4. Place the lid on the pot and steep for three-to-five minutes. Stir, then strain the tea into your cup.
  5. To re-steep the leaves, repeat steps 3–5 (up to two times).
Makes one cup. For more, add an extra teaspoon per person and multiply the amount of water accordingly.
Always use freshly-drawn and, where possible, filtered water.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Lintu T
Elegant annd floral

I love the aroma & flavor, and the pearls are of incredible quality. The packaging is also very elegant and the unboxing experience is the best I've had with any tea brand. It's a wonderful way to start the day.

Travel To Foods

The scent and taste of this jasmine tea is really calming for me

The best and most delicate jasmine tea I’ve ever had

Buttery smoothness, subtle notes of sweet vanilla, soft finish: a calming cup of tea. For me, best drunk in the evening or before bed. By far the best and most delicate jasmine tea I’ve ever had.